My Big Boy's 18th Birthday - Nicole Oring

My Big Boy’s 18th Birthday – Nicole Oring

It’s so exciting! You just turned 18, and as your mom, I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. I knock on your door and come in to give you a little birthday kiss. As I lean over you, I notice that you seem a little excited. Being a little lonely, and loving you so much, I decide to give you a real big boy kiss. I test your mouth out with mine and soon I have us both turned on. I decide that since you are inexperienced, I would love to give you your first handjob….and your first experience with intercourse. After all, mommy’s are supposed to teach their son’s how to treat a lady! Besides, I have been fantasizing about your beautiful, young cock for a while. Maybe you can even give me your seed and let me be a mommy again!!!

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My Big Boy's 18th Birthday - Nicole Oring

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