Maggierosexo - Mommy Milks You Dry

Maggierosexo – Mommy Milks You Dry

i (mommy) am sitting on your bed as you stand in front of me. you are ready for bed but i want to talk to you first.

When you are in your pajamas like you are now, mommy cant help but notice a bulge in your pants. i have also noticed you have been irritable lately, and i have caught you trying to hide spontaneous erections.
Don’t be embarrassed! Mommy knows, she knows everything. Those things made mommy realize your poor testicles are always full of cum, and mommy needs to help her boy. To help you, mommy is going to start milking you.
i am going to have to jerk off your penis and drain the cum out of your balls. Aren’t your balls constantly hurting? Don’t your erections ache? Mommy is going to take care of all of that. Starting now.

Hold still! Mommy needs to squeeze your bulge gently. Look at this! Just a few squeezes and you now have a rock hard erection! mommy needs to see your erection. you first hesitate out of shyness. mommy DEMANDS you show her your penis.
once it’s out, mommy examines your throbbing rock hard erection; i feel that your nuts are absolutely swollen with semen. Mommy needs to take care of this.
i order you to lie down on the bed. you are going to get milked!

Sitting between your legs now, looking down at you. i caress, rub, squeeze your dick and balls, telling you how mommy is going to make you feel good.
mommy is SO proud because you have such a beautiful penis! And i love how you are such an obedient son for mommy!
i realize your balls are full of sperm and THEN realize how the sluts in your classes could take advantage of my son. i am going to have to take control. From now on i am going to give you a milking when ever i think you need it. i am going to milk you when ever i want! From now on, mommy is going to own your dick, your balls , and your cum.
i start jerking you hard and rough. i ask you, tell you, and DEMAND you give mommy your cum. i milk a huge load out of your swollen nuts. i love making you feel good. i love being in charge and control. i move my head slightly out of view and lick up your cum.
i then give your drained and sore balls a gentle massage, while i tell you how proud i am of the huge load you
gave mommy. i tell you now there’s one more thing i want…

Now i am sitting in your bed and you are lying in my lap looking up at me.
i take out one of my breasts and have you nurse on me so i can keep my connection/control. As you suck on my breast, i tell you that you will do this whenever i want ; that i own your cock.
i want to be the only one who can have your cum. From now on, you are my mommy’s boy.

Maggierosexo - Mommy Milks You Dry

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