Kelly Payne – Not Exactly As Planned Mom Son Roleplay

Mom’s getting ready for a date night out with her girlfriends. She’s looking for her top in the laundry and can’t seem to find it. You start staring…watching getting closer and then pull up her skirt a bit.. Uh what are you doing? Mom brushes it off and continues getting ready, you continue to watch her get ready … until she sits you down and starts asking you… why are you being so clingy? You tell her how good she looks, and she’s flattered but doesn’t expect what happens next… your attracted to your mom and make it pretty obvious about your desires… OH. Mom is taken back… well, theres porn… and girls and… she has trouble finding the right words. Of course she finds you attractive it’s just a boy your age… and I mean… I can’t I’m your mom. You show her how hard you are… she’s very surprised… and tries to make you stop. She tells you she has to go, and tells you to go watch porn. When she comes home from her girls night, she’s a little tipsy and you hear her on the phone with her girlfriend… you sneak to her door and crack it open.. watch her undress and enjoy yourself as you watch her grab her vibrator and pleasure herself. You almost get caught and sneak off… but come right back only to get caught. What are you doing!? You convince her to let you lay with her, but then notice she’s a bit out of it from the night out with the girls and from her recent orgasms… you pull her close and start fingering her before she can stop you… take out your cock and shove it inside her… Shes overwhelmed with pleasure and really starts enjoying your cock. Cumming deep inside her you encourage her to use her vibrator afterwards while you watch… you want to see how it works…


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