Mommy's Secret Stripper Past - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy’s Secret Stripper Past – Kitty LeRoux

Your mom…so sweet and sexy, she just doesn’t understand what the problem is when the internet goes out. She’s so out of touch sometimes- ‘Oh , did you have homework?’ – She doesn’t understand why you don’t want to go outside. She doesn’t know that the internet being out is a HUGE deal for a growing boy- that’s where all the porn is! After making you get up, she sees your erection. Oddly, she’s not mortified- in fact, it’s like it’s nothing to her. ‘Sweetie, sex is normal, erections are normal.’ For some reason unbeknownst to you, your hot, young mom offers to be your porn. When you tell her that she doesn’t know what you like, she reveals a secret…she stripped her way through college. She says there are 2 things that men like: tits and ass. She wonders if she’s rusty and twerking and shaking her huge ass- but you can tell she’s not. She’s fucking amazing. She tells you not to be shy and to get your cock out. What begins as encouragement to masturbate turns into your mother’s VIP treatment of her own son. Turns out she’s been fucked by plenty of ‘special men’- VIP’s- and you’re VERY special to her as her son.

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Mommy's Secret Stripper Past - Kitty LeRoux

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