Lily Lou - Mommy Says to Sniff Ass and Lick Piss

Lily Lou – Mommy Says to Sniff Ass and Lick Piss

Wake up sweetie!! It’s a very special day. Your father has been out of the picture for awhile now and well I think it’s about time you can start being the man of the house. Mommy needs to see if your ready first though. So, take off your clothes and get on your knees. That’s it, you’re such a good boy. Now open wide. You’re first test is to lick up all of mommy’s pee. Once you pass that I need to test you to see how well you can control your urges. Mommy is going to put her smelly asshole in your face and you’re going to have to breathe in nice and deep. You’re doing so well! No licking, I want you to just inhale and touch your cock. Once I feel that you’re ready I explain and show you how I want you to play with your asshole. Periodically I stop and let you sniff my fingers to encourage you to keep going. I also pee a couple times then let you lick it up. Next you watch me stretch out my asshole with a dildo and then lick it clean when I take it out. The final test is to put the dildo in your own asshole and to keep sniffing and jerking off until I tell you to cum.

Lily Lou - Mommy Says to Sniff Ass and Lick Piss

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