Lina Blackly - Son Has Way W Mom Pt 1

Lina Blackly – Son Has Way W Mom Pt 1

Dad is out of town, and you are so sexually frustrated. Mom contacts sex workers for her son, but it is unsuccessful. That night you sneak into moms bedroom to comfort yourself (suckling mom’s breasts), but your cock is growing, and it’s pressing on mom’s thigh. Mom notices that you’ve now cum on her leg and is horrified. But mom lets you continue, and you cum again. Mom is talking to her friend on the phone is telling her in detail what happened. But soon enough, you crawl back into mom’s bed and pull out her tits and pull up her nightgown and fuck your mom’s pussy. Mom is humiliated, saying that it’s taboo and will ruin your relationship and you’ve treated mommy like a cum dumpster. You tell your friend in detail what your son is doing, and mom may need the friend’s help with what is next!!

Lina Blackly - Son Has Way W Mom Pt 1

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