Darlingjosefin - Savour Your Cum for Step-Mommy

Darlingjosefin – Savour Your Cum for Step-Mommy

Hi, sweetheart. Did you do what step-mommy asked you to do? Did you save a load of your cum in a glass for me? Good boy. Now we can play a game together. Follow all of step-mommy’s rules and I’ll even let you cum. Step-mommy instructs you to jerk off and edge to her perfect, sexy body. Then, when you’re so horny you’re practically gooning for her, she tells you to put that saved load of cum in your mouth and pretend it’s her boyfriend’s. Savour it while she counts down to swallow it. If you swallow it like a good boy, then she’ll let you cum.

Darlingjosefin - Savour Your Cum for Step-Mommy

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