Kelly Payne - My Best Friend's Mom PART ONE

Kelly Payne – My Best Friend’s Mom PART ONE

“Exploring my mommy fetish, with my best friends mom!?” You’ve had the hot’s for your best friends mom for awhile, and since she started lactating it’s been driving you wild! Your visiting after school but your friend had to make up a test so your alone with your biggest sexual fantasy, you can’t help but check her out… she notices and is quite flattered. You confess you’ve been attracted to her for awhile and have a mommy fetish. After talking for a bit she agrees to explore your mommy fetish and tells you to go wait in her room. After waiting a bit, Kelly enters wearing nothing but blue high heels! and gives you a sexy strip tease, then starts role playing for you. “you like mommy’s fat ass?” “do you like when mommy bends over for you” Extremely turned on you then share with her how much you love her big milky tits, and how since she started lactating you’ve been fantasizing about her even more. Intrigued she invites you to nurse from mommy’s boobies. After enjoying some breastmilk Kelly asks if mommy could enjoy your cock. You live out one kinky and sexy fantasy with your breast friends mom! Ending with you cumming inside her just as she asks.


Kelly Payne - My Best Friend's Mom PART ONE

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