Princess Kristi - Mommy Needs Her Boy in Every Way

Princess Kristi – Mommy Needs Her Boy in Every Way

Oh my sweet son… there is something I need to tell you. I’ve been holding on to this feeling… this secret… for months now. It started as a little spark but it has turned into a burning flame of desire in my heart. I know it’s wrong… I know it is a line a mother should never cross… but I can’t help myself any longer. Mommy loves you… but not just in that way… I love you the way a mother should never love her son. My feelings of desire for you cannot be extinguished. I want you baby… I need you… I need you in every way a mother should never need her son… Do you feel the same? Do you feel that urge… that lust… for your mother? Do you want to be with me… be inside me… the way I want you? Oh baby, I know you do. I can feel it! I can feel the desire burning strong inside of you… your cock… my pussy… I need you baby, mommy needs you right now in a way I’ve never needed a man before. I need my son… I need to feel you inside of me…


Princess Kristi - Mommy Needs Her Boy in Every Way

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