Janira Wolfe - Step-Mommy's All You Need

Janira Wolfe – Step-Mommy’s All You Need

*travel with Me to a fantastical world where dreams come true; a world you can access only by buying this clip… and worth it, because once purchased, you can visit anytime you want.* In this world, you are My only step-son. It’s just you and Me in the house, which you used to love, but lately, you haven’t wanted to spend time with Me anymore, and prefer instead to do things like jerk off to porn. Of course, I always knew this time would come, which is why, years ago, I procured a potion that I can use any time My little boy starts to think he’s too old for his step-Mommy… It’s the weekend, so, as usual, you’re resting in your bed until I wake you up. I would let you get more beauty rest, but I really need to talk to you about our plumbing issues… you know, the ones you caused by flushing your jerk-off socks. There’s no point in denying it, I know you’ve been doing it, but I’m not here to scold you, I’m here to guide you. You see, I’ve really missed you needing me, and it’s clear that, during this difficult time of change, you need me more than ever! I know, it’s all very overwhelming, the thought of your step-Mother teaching you how to best pleasure your penis, but just relax sweetie and remember all the times I’ve been there for you. Good, now, make sure you do as your step-Mother says and go nice and slowly… you really don’t want for this to be over too soon. Seriously, slow down honey, oh!!!! As you cum, harder than ever before, to your own step-Mother’s perfection, suddenly, you feel a tingling sensation, and then, you’re lying on the bed, and you’re back in the body of step-Mommy’s little one. I pick you up and explain to you that I just couldn’t have you outgrowing Me, but don’t worry, as soon as I kiss your forehead, your mind will regress to match your body, and you’ll be in sweet bb bliss, not a care in the world, with a step-Mommy who loves you more than anything. As I kiss your forehead, you instantly feel that sweet bb bliss. You’d forgotten how nice it was to be held by your step-Mommy, to spend all your time with your step-Mommy, to have your dipeys changed by your step-Mommy. As I remind you of how good it feels to be cleaned and securely put into a fresh dipey, of course your body hears me. Now, let’s go change that dipey! Buy the clip for the incredibly hot to sweet and loving taboo age regression experience, incorporating elements of transformation fantasies, step-Momma’s boy, older Woman/ younger man, masturbation encouragement, premature ejaculation, magic control, erotic magic, dipey fetish, lingerie and of course, Me, your favorite loving step-Mommy


Janira Wolfe - Step-Mommy's All You Need

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