MoRina - Mom Lacks Boundaries

MoRina – Mom Lacks Boundaries

Your mom is relaxing on the couch in her bathrobe when she hears your phone buzzing. She calls out for you, but you’ve already left for Saturday morning soccer practice. She goes over and glances at the phone and sees that it is a text message from your girlfriend. Your mom really lacks boundaries, and she starts ready the racy texts you and your girl have sent each other. She tries to put the phone down and walk away, but she can’t. She’s intrigued, she’s a little jealous and she’s actually turned on by what she saw. She sees that you asked your girlfriend to stop shaving her pussy, and she realizes that message was sent on the date that she thought you may have seen her get out of the shower. She has always thought your girlfriend looked like a younger version of herself, and now she is getting horny at the thought of you wanting your girl to be just like your mom and have a full bush. She starts scrolling further through your phone and sees pictures of your cock. Now she’s super turned on and masturbating… as you walk in and find her! She stops and stares at you. Instead of covering up her naked body, she invites you over to see close up what a grown woman’s hairy pussy looks like… You don’t just stare, you dive in, following her instructions for eating her mature pussy. She assures you that your girlfriend doesn’t need to grow her pussy hair, you can have mom’s from now on….


MoRina - Mom Lacks Boundaries

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