Harlyn P. Rose - Step-Mommy Lost Her Job

Harlyn P. Rose – Step-Mommy Lost Her Job

It finally happened. You moved back in with your step-mom after you were furloughed at your job because she assured you that her position was secure and she could support you indefinitely—but now she’s in the exact same place you are. Jobless during a pandemic. What are you going to do? Luckily, Step-Mommy has a plan. It’ll involve some sacrifices on your part and requires you to put yourself far, far outside your comfort zone. But as Step-Mommy points out, she’s supported you for most of your life, and now the last few months as well. It’s time that you did something to support and repay her. And you’re such a useless excuse for a man—the only thing you have to offer is your body.


Harlyn P. Rose - Step-Mommy Lost Her Job

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