Harley Sin - Wearing Mommys Panties

Harley Sin – Wearing Mommys Panties

Mommy wants to talk to you. Its time she starts you wearing her panties, and she already picked out a pair for you. She knows you’ve been masturbating, and how much you love her silky panties. She tells you panties are much more absorbent than boys underwear, and no son, you don’t have a choice. She puts the panties on you, and tells you she’s going to rub you in the panties. Your mommy lies down next to you, and starts rubbing and rubbing you. She knows you love it, she can feel you. She tells you you’ll have to get used to the cotton crotch. Your mommy really likes you in the panties, and she tells you. She tells you over and over again, she’s rubbing you in the panties. She knows you’re a good boy, always do what you’re told. She rubs you until you do it, in the panties. She really likes how excited you got, and she slides her hands inside the panties and licks her fingers. You see son, now you know how to do it in the panties.


Harley Sin - Wearing Mommys Panties

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