EnigmaMGF - Spying On Mommy In The Hotel

EnigmaMGF – Spying On Mommy In The Hotel

Mom and son enter hotel room to discover one bed and a broken air conditioner. Mom calls the lobby and is told there are no other rooms. “We have to make the best of it, etc” “Mommy wants to take a quick shower, sweetie. Why don’t you see what channels they have.”
Son watches mom strip and take a weary shower, slowly massaging herself. She eventually catches him and yells at him to wait outside for his punishment. Son then leaves the bathroom & mom discusses the situation to herself. “I can’t believe he was spying on his naked mother like that”
Mom comes back to the bedroom in sexy sleepwear. She lectures son about peeking on mommy in the shower. As punishment, she makes son strip. “You got to see mommy naked so now she gets to see you.” She is taken aback by his huge penis and saggy balls but remains stern while ogling him and spanks his ass.This causes his cock and balls to bounce in moms face and she can’t help but stare as she smacks his ass. They go to bed after son apologizes and makes up with mommy with good night kisses. “Mommy forgives you baby”
Mom and son wake up hot and end up stripping for comfort. Being in bed naked with mom becomes too much and son’s boner begins to press against her. She can’t help but grind her ass against his hard cock. The smell of her son’s sweaty ball sack drives her wild and her frustration gives way to desire. Mom straddles him before insertion, teasing him with her kisses and sweaty tits. She sniffs his ass and sucks his sweaty balls. She then rides his cock in cowgirl, bouncing up and down. Lots of bouncy tits. Finish is missionary to creampie, all in POV perspective. Mom begs for son to get her pregnant and compares him to his father, telling him how much better he fucks. Lots of dirty talk. No actual insertion, just scenes from the waist up.

EnigmaMGF - Spying On Mommy In The Hotel

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