Demii God - My Stepson Can't Focus Part 1,2,3

Demii God – My Stepson Can’t Focus Part 1,2,3

Part 1:
Ive been having a real problem lately, whenever im jerking off i cant seem to cum. i don’t why this is happening to me but its gotten so bad that a teacher noticed my boner pushing against my pants in class and i got sent home. i was really lucky when i was sent home because the school couldn’t get a hold of my dad so they just told my stepmom Demii what happened. i was sitting at the kitchen counter when she walked into talk to me, she as always was super cool and just asked me to explain everything to her, so i did. when i was done talking demii told me that we would figure everything out, she wanted me to go do my home work and get a good nights rest while she went and webMD the problem. the next morning i was laying in bed, i had to get up for school soon but i was really dreading it. there was a knock on my door and Demii came in, she was wearing a while bathrobe and had a nervous look on her face. she told me that the only thing that would help would be me having a orgasm, and she was gonna help me do that. i was shocked into silence as Demii dropped her robe, she was only wearing a sports bra. she slowly pulled my blankets off until i was lying in front of her naked, then she put some lotion in her hands and started stroking my cock. my sexy stepmom didn’t have one problem getting my to bust a nut, i hope she helps me tomorrow before school.

Part 2:
I was having a lot of problems at school and the main reason was sexual frustration. i was sent home and told my awesome stepmom all about and she said since just my regular masturbation was cutting it she would help. i didn’t know what that meant till the next morning and jerked me off only wearing a bra!since that day Demii has jerked me off every morning before school, ive been loving it but i have been building up my stamina and it was taking me longer and longer to cum. i pretty sure Demii was noticing it too and i was afraid she was gonna stop helping until what happened this morning! Demii came into my room as usual and she told me she noticed how long i was lasting, she said she was gonna do more to help stimulate me. she dropped her robe and was completely naked, then she got up on the bed between my legs. she lowered her head and started sucking my cock! my beautiful stepmom sucked my cock dry and sent me off to school with a smile on my face!

Part 3:
This morning before school my stepmom Demii came in like she has been the last couple of weeks. my mom has been helping me cum before i go to school every day, but each week my stamina has been increasing a lot. so Demii has been uping the level of stimulation to the point now she gets naked and sucked me off. this morning was going the same way the last week has been going, Demii was hurriedly sucking my dick trying to get me to cum. i decided to push my luck, i told her i really appreciated all her help but its had already been a couple minutes and i wasn’t close to cumming. she stopped sucking, pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked what we should do? i went for broke and just asked her for sex and to my surprise she agreed! now every morning before school i fuck and cum deep in my sexy stepmother!


Demii God - My Stepson Can't Focus Part 1,2,3

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