Chloe Puddles - Mommys Little Babydickie nude Mom RP

Chloe Puddles – Mommys Little Babydickie nude Mom RP

Mommy’s Little Babydickie (nude, sph, small penis worship, babytalk, laughing, close up pov, with the tiniest dildo you have, tickle, kiss, tease, suck and fuck) : Mommy loved to touch, tickle, kiss, and suck on soyboy’s babydickie until its the hardest it’s ever been. Before bed, I would go into his room with a bottle of baby oil and tease his babydickie while completely nude. I loved taking pictures of his dickie because it was so rock hard and baby sized. I used my cell phone to take photos of his little dickie point straight to the ceiling. I laughed hysterically while showing him the pictures I took. I loved dressing up his babydick with bows, ribbons and clips. I loved to put on lipstick on and kissed it until it was a pretty red color. I would keep an album with all his baby dick pictures and threaten soyboy that I would send them to all my friends so they could see his little babydickie. After making it the stiffest its ever been, you play suck, fuck, and ask him to make cummies for mommy. “Hows my little babydickie, my cute little peepee, my adorable little babydick.” “Your cute little babydickie is the smallest I’ve every seen. Smaller than an itty bitty baby cock.” “I just love stiff little dickies! Especially yours!” “Your little dickie must have stopped growing when you were little. Lol. It’s so small and hairless!” “Such a tiny little babydickie! It must be shrinking with all that soy” Aww, what’s a matter? You don’t like your little babydickie??? Lol””Its so precious and cute!” “Does the babydick want kisses?” “It’s the cutest little dickie I ever seen?” “Soyboy, don’t you dare hide your little baby dickie!”” Everyone has already seen your little baby dickie before…Show mommy your little baby dickie or else!” “Show mommy now! Let mommy see!” “Mommy will not be happy with a shy little babydickie!” Only mommy can play with it, nobody else!” “Little baby boys have bigger dickies than that!” “It’s like a little baby peepee!” “Such a cute little peepee!” “Your itty bitty peepee is so small and cute” “It’s so tiny, like my pinky.” “Awww, where did the little dickie go?” “Here it is!” “Here’s the little dickie” “Whats a matter? You don’t want mommy to play with your little babydickie?” “Your mommy told you already! There’s nothing we can do about your little baby dickie. All the hormones and soy caused it to shrink” “Little baby boys have bigger dicks than you” “You just have to accept it!” “It is the most adorable little baby dickie in the whole world” Mommy laughs as she deepthroats his baby dick. She playfully sucks and teases with her tongue. Then Mommy decides to do you a favor and climb on top. She laughs and teases his babydickie while riding it. She’s threatens to cut off his peepee if he comes early. She edges him a few times and laughs. Finally she yells at soyboy to make cummies for mommy! She fucks your babydickie until you both orgasm.


Chloe Puddles - Mommys Little Babydickie nude Mom RP

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