Oh, honey, what’s wrong? Did something happen last night on your date with that…girl? You know I never liked her anyways. Come now, sweetie, be a good boy and tell mommy what happened…a hotel? Why on Earth would you rent a hotel room? Oh, my. Well, that’s ok, go ahead, tell me about it. I’m not mad. Your first time, with her? I mean…no, go ahead.
She said what?! My, that’s quite rude. No, I’m sure it’s not too small, honey. I mean, of course I haven’t seen it since you were little, but I’m sure it’s fine…she’s just a hussy. She did? Told the whole school? Oh, sweetie, that is so awful. You know, I could help you gain some, uh, perspective? If you showed me. Then I could tell you if she was right, if it’s not even worth it to try and um…fuck your tiny baby dick. Go ahead…
Well, that is small. But maybe if you’re hard it will get to a respectable size. Go on, get it hard for mommy. What’s wrong? Nervous? Hmm…well, maybe I could just touch it a bi…oh, see, there it goes. Hmm, still so small…skinny. Not girthy, like most girls like. It’s rare to find a woman like me who likes them smaller. Hmm? What’s that? Oh, yes. Mommy likes smaller penises. But finding another woman like that is going to be near impossible.
You know, I hate seeing you so down. I know this is going to sound crazy, but what if I helped you? You know, I did make you. And that. And I think maybe I made you the perfect size just for me. C’mon sweetie. It’s not like any other woman is going to want to fuck that. Just let mommy touch it…that’s it. Let mommy suck and fuck your tiny little cock. Mmmm, that’s perfect! Not too much bouncing, you’ll slip right out! Let me grind on your baby dick, sweetie. You’re going to make mommy cum! Now, it’s time to get that little dick to cum for me…I bet that little dick has a nice big load for mommy! Be a good boy and cum inside mommy’s mouth, darling!


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