Ashley Alban - Quarantine Makes Step-Mom Crazy

Ashley Alban – Quarantine Makes Step-Mom Crazy

It’s April 2020 and the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You have been sent home from college, and the remainder of your semester is being spent with your step-mom since your dad is at work at an essential job. You’re hanging out playing a video game, when your step-mom comes wandering over to see what you’re doing. You can tell that she’s buzzed (again) and she stands right in front of the TV, and starts ranting about how you only play video games all day and she’s so bored stuck at home with you. She even takes off her top and bends over asking if the squats are making a difference. While she is hot, you’re so annoyed that she interrupted you, plus she’s being such a mess. You can’t deal with it so you get up and go to your room.

You barely get a minute of respite before she comes barging into your room. You try to just ignore her in hopes that she goes away. She explains that she’s just so bored cooped up at home. She can’t leave. Dad is gone pretty much all day every day and he’s exhausted when he is home. She still has need, and she knows you do too. She suggests a little arrangement since the two of you are home all day together. She takes off her tube top, and says that she knows you’re attracted to her. She turns and bounces her ass, saying that she has seen you trying to catch peeks of her coming out of the shower before. She pulls her leggings down and you can’t help but get hard when you see that juicy ass. She sees the tent you’re starting to pitch, so she tells you to get up and pull your dick out. She starts to suck, lick and gag on your dick. She loves it; she says this will definitely have to be a regular thing. She needs you in her pussy though, so she gets on all fours on the bed and pulls her thong down. You slide your cock inside her velvety, warm pussy. You fuck her and make her booty bounce until she cums. She says she’s too sensitive after she cums, so you pull out and jizz all over her ass.


Ashley Alban - Quarantine Makes Step-Mom Crazy

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