Wynter Azure – Step-Mother Knows Best

Your girlfriend broke up with you, so you call Me, your step-mother, over to console you. I saw a lot of red flags with this one- especially how much she came between our special step-mother-step-son relationship. She was jealous that you’ll always list to and obey your Step-Mother. Step-Mother knows best, and Step-Mother knows that you’ll eventually meet another girl… none of them will ever be okay with My place in your life. I can’t lose you, I trained you to be the perfect submissive, even more submissive than your step-father. Step-Mother knows what’s best, so I know that you need a surgery to make sure no other Woman will ever want you. you must obey Step-Mommy. Step-Mother is getting you fixed. That’s right, I’m going to have you castrated by our family doctor. I don’t need your balls, but no Woman will ever date you again. you’ll be My submissive eunuch forever. Plus, I’ve always wanted a step-daughter… you’ll be much more a girl than a man once your balls are gone, Step-Mother’s sissy. Step-Mother’s perfect submissive.


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