Wynter Azure – Step-Mommy Scold & Spank

Your step-mother is very disappointed in you, young man. Have a seat. your room is a mess, you haven’t kept up with your schoolwork and the biggest issue- I’ve seen the way you treat young ladies. you act like a little jerk and I know that I raised you better than this! I raised you to treat ladies with respect, dignity… and you’ve been treating them so poorly! I’m so mad about it, not only are you hurting young ladies, you’re tarnishing My image! I taught you Feminist values and here you are acting like a misogynist. This cannot stand. you want to act like a boy? Then you’ll be treated like a boy! Back to basics of discipline- you’re getting spanked. That’s right, over My knee just like when you were growing up- bare bottom and all! I show you the wooden paddle I’ll be using… and if you don’t fall into line I will use this heavy metal paddle- I know you remember it, it’s scarred your bottom permanently! Over My knee you go for a POV spanking after My sever scolding. I continue to scold as I paddle you until you’re red & tearing up. After so many strokes of the paddle, I make you count the final three out loud. Now- if you don’t behave, you’ll be right back over My knee for an even sterner spanking.


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Wynter Azure – Step Mommy Scold & Spank.mp4

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