Tammie Madison - Cheer up Step-Mommy

Tammie Madison – Cheer up Step-Mommy

What is it you wanted to see me about sweety? Oh no, I am not in a mood with you. You are perfect. It is just me, honey. I am just in a bit of a funk today, but not with you. I am just a little down on myself today and need to shake it off. It is really sweet of you to want to help darling. You always know just how to cheer up Step-Mommy. But, seriously, I am just going to relax, have a cozy day, and maybe a little nap. You should go out and enjoy yourself. The type of attention Step-Mommy needs is not the type you should give. Well, honey, you were not supposed to just take your pants off like that. I know you want to show me just how much you like me, but getting your dick out was not necessary. Now that it is there though, I suppose I should at least match by taking off my pants as well. Actually, maybe you are right. This could be the perfect way to get Step-Mommy in a good mood again. How do you always know just the right way to cheer me up?


Tammie Madison - Cheer up Step-Mommy

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