FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux - Mom Teaches Babysitter How to Fuck Son

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux – Mom Teaches Babysitter How to Fuck Son

Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux, mom and son, babysitter, POV, brunette is being interviewed for a babysitter job, mom explains what her son needs through-out the day, he has an abnormally high hormonal level for his age and is constantly getting erections that need to be taken care of, mom teaches brunette how to “relieve” her son and girl is shocked to see the mother touching her son in a sexual way, virtual handjob from mom and brunette, virtual blowjob from mom and brunette, son gropes brunette, virtual tit groping, virtual nipple sucking, virtual sex with brunette, mom encourages son to cum as he fucks the brunette, virtual creampie, brunette is hired as a full-time babysitter, mother, mom son, family, fauxcest, boy girl girl, BGG, threesome, teen, MILF, older woman, instructional, taboo** “Thank you for coming in for the interview,” Mom said to the young brunette sitting beside her. “I’ve already talked to a few girls, but they weren’t quite right for the job… especially towards the end of the interview.” She needed someone to take care of her son while she was out. This meant making him lunch and dinner, making sure he homework got done, and taking him to any doctor appointments. “I think you’ll be perfect,” Mom continued. “He does have this condition that will spring up through-out the day. He has a high hormonal level, more so than other boys.” If this issue were to arise, it would have to be resolved immediately before doing anything else. It was important that her son was happy with the girl as well. “The better you take care of him, the more bonuses you will receive,” Mom went on to say. “I’ll even let you borrow my car and you’re more than welcome to say here if you need to.” She looked over to see her son standing in front of her with another erection. “He seems to have an issue right now…” Mom turned towards the girl, a smile on her face, “I think he likes you a lot.” The girl would be expected to help stimulate her son, and to help milk out his “pent up energy.” Because it was an uncomfortable situation, Mom started off by pulling down her boy’s pants and stroking his cock. “Doesn’t that feel good, honey?” she asked, her voice sugary-sweet. “You like how Mommy does it, don’t you?” The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Was a mother actually touching her son in a…sexual way? After Mom demonstrated how to take care of her son, she encouraged the brunette to use the same technique. It was awkward, but if the girl wanted the job, she’d have to do it. “Don’t you like it when your pee-pee’s being jerked off like that?” Mom said as the brunette stroked it. Since he hadn’t cum, Mom explained other “methods” to help him. One being to visually stimulate him by taking clothes off and let him touching her. If that didn’t work, she’d have to continue with a blowjob, and if that didn’t do the job, sex. Mom demonstrated how he liked his wee-wee sucked, and then had the girl lie back so he could penetrate her. “Let all that sticky, sticky goo out of you,” Mom encouraged him as he fucked the brunette. “Tell him what a good boy he is,” she told the girl, “that usually works and he’ll cum real quick.” After he finished inside of her, Mom told him what a great job he did, and then the three of them headed to the bathroom for a bubble bath. The brunette was now his babysitter!


FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina, Lenna Lux - Mom Teaches Babysitter How to Fuck Son

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