FifiFoxxFantasies - Nikki Brooks - Son Fucks Mom for a PS5 POV Blondes

FifiFoxxFantasies – Nikki Brooks – Son Fucks Mom for a PS5 POV Blondes

Nikki Brooks, POV, son begs his mom for the new ps5, it’s expensive and she knows that he’ll want games and extra controllers so his friends can play too, he offers to do more chores but she comes up with a special task for him to do instead, he needs to pleasure her and make her feel really good, he needs to sexually satisfy her, the further he goes the more stuff he gets for his game console, she strips down and encourages him to jerk off in front of her, masturbation encouragement, jerk off encouragement, masturbation, virtual pussy eating, pussy licking, he has to kiss all the way up her body, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, doggystyle, missionary, son fucks mom, son creampies mom, virtual creampie, family sex, fauxcest, older woman, mature, blondes, MILF** You could argue it all you wanted, Mom wasn’t going to spend 500 dollars on the new PS5. “Look, if all your friends have it, then why don’t you go to their house and play?” she responded. “I can just buy you a game and you can bring it over there.” You offered to do more chores, but you barely cleaned your room, and Mom said that taking out the garbage was a responsibility – you shouldn’t be doing it just because you wanted something. “Maybe we can work something out,” she replied, “it won’t really be a chore, but it’ll be a task.” It was an expensive console, and she knew that once you had it, you’d be on it all day long. That meant you’d need games for it, since you’d fly through them, and extra controllers so your friends could play with you. “I’ll get you the PS5,” she smiled, “under one condition. You have to make me feel really, really good.” “You’re a big boy,” she continued, “you know exactly what I’m hinting at.” When she wanted pricey, nice things from your father, what do you think she did? She used her pussy. Now it was your turn to show her just how badly you wanted that game system. “If you want all this stuff, maybe you should take off your pants,” she said bluntly. Just how far were you willing to go with your own mother? The further you went, the more you’d get for your PS5. It was your job to make sure she was completely sexually satisfied.


FifiFoxxFantasies - Nikki Brooks - Son Fucks Mom for a PS5 POV Blondes

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