Taboo Girl - Mom Is Hungry For Son

Taboo Girl – Mom Is Hungry For Son

You love your loving sexy Mom. You are so infatuated with her, everything about her makes you horny beyond belief. One day, you decide to wake up early and spy on your mom. You watch as she wakes up already horny and sexy. You watch her masturbating and moaning until she cums hard and squirts good. Your dick is now so hard and needs a release. Just then, Mom catches you spying on her. At first she’s surprised and upset, but then she shockingly gives you jerk off encouragement. I make you cum in your underwear and hand them to me. I’ve cancelled your whole day. I tell you to wait for your punishment as I leave with your cum filled underwear. What am I going to do with them? You decide to spy on me again and you see me in the laundry room licking, tasting and then swallowing your underwear whole. This shocks and scares you so you run out. What happened to your sweet sexy step-mom? I come out dressed super sexy and act loving and horny for you. You are comforted by it and are excited to have sex with me. But you still find it strange that I keep switching from loving and sexy Mom to hungry drooling “predator Mom”. I offer you something to loosen up which shrinks you and begins the fun for me! I taunt you a bunch and love scaring you, then decide your a bit too small and with a few drops make you a bit bigger but still small and taunt you more. You are frozen in fear, then finally find your chance to run and hide. But I find you, you can’t escape from your hungry Mom! Mmmmmm….you taste so good!


Taboo Girl - Mom Is Hungry For Son

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