Harley Sin - Mom Wants To Get Caught

Harley Sin – Mom Trains Dog

You come into your moms office with your dog again. She tells you he’s now allowed in there, he’s completely untrained. Always sniffing around her crotch.. getting into everything. You tell her you’ve started training him and want to show her. He starts with a few tricks but quickly gets out of hand. He starts jumping at your mom, she decides she’ll give the commands. He sits for her, lays down. She thinks he’s kind of cute now that he’s calm. Except.. he has a dog boner which doesn’t seem to be going away. You tell your mom its because he likes her. You suggest, since he seems to be listening so well to her, maybe if she let the dog lick her pussy.. as a rewards for good behaviour. At first your mom is appalled. I mean, it’s a dog! But after a bit of convincing she finally agrees. Your mom takes off her panties, she gets the dog to sit again and he does! She can’t believe it. She calls over to him, and is surprised how good it feels when he licks her pussy. After a few more very successful commands, she notices your dog is still hard. Maybe, she suggests, if he has direct contact with her pussy, his training will progress much faster? You completely agree. Your mom fucks your dog, at first she’s not sure but slowly she begins to love it. She thinks his balls must be so full of dog cum, but how big they are. She even suggest getting another bigger dog, since this new ‘training program’ seems to be working so well. Isn’t the size of a dogs cock relative? Your dog leaves a huge doggie creamy in your moms pussy. But she wants to taste her pussy juice on your doggies cock. She sucks your dogs dick, she’s totally into it now. Your dog leaves another huge facial all over your mommys face.


Harley Sin - Mom Trains Dog

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