Sydney Harwin - One Night Stand With Mom

Sydney Harwin – One Night Stand With Mom

You come home early from a night with your friends to find your momma crying. Her date has stood her up and she is distraught. She begs you to go back out and leave her alone to cry, but you won’t leave her in this state. You try to make her feel better by telling her she is beautiful, but she won’t have any of it. She finally agrees to sit and talk for a few minutes, and the two of you sit close. You gently rub your moms knee and throw compliments at her to boost her self esteem … your momma keeps looking away, almost scared to get too close to you.. worried about what may happen if she lets her emotions get the better of her… You start to move your hand higher, just under her skirt, rubbing her thigh. She tells you she is fine, you should go and see your girlfriend, you don’t wanna be sitting here with your mommy when you’ve got a life out there to live… Suddenly, you both feel this uncontrollable urge to kiss. Before you know it, your momma is shoving her tongue in your mouth and lifting up her skirt. She straddles your lap, still kissing you and moaning against you. Your mom grabs at your crotch, feeling your erection and unzipping you… she pulls her panties to the side and all too soon she is filled with you. You both cannot stop whatever this is, even though you know it is wrong. You passionately fuck on the floor, raw and fast and close.


Sydney Harwin - One Night Stand With Mom

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