MoRina - Mom Son Last Night Lust

MoRina – Mom Son Last Night Lust

(POV) It’s your last night before leaving for college, and you’ve been busy getting all your stuff packed up, There’s just one more thing you want to get done before you leave… you go into your mom’s room and find her reading. You are just in your boxers, and when she invites you to sit on her bed and chat, you get under the covers. As your mom talks with you in her usual sweet, loving manner, you both express how much you will miss each other. You figure it’s now or never, so you move your hand under the covers and touch between her legs. She’s startled, though clearly likes it, but is resistant because it’s just wrong, you know? She hasn’t actually said “no” so you up your game by sticking your finger inside her pussy. It’s so wet, so you know your mom is obviously turned on. Always practical, your mom reminds you that this crosses a line that you can never go back… Undeterred you get on top of her and pull your cock out of your boxers. Mom is impressed by your size but is really hesitant to let you stick it in. The two of you have had a sort of flirty relationship lately and this is your last night to make it happen, so you push the tip of your cock inside her and all bets are off. Mom decides if this is going to happen, she’s going to be in charge and she gets on top of you and rides you. College is supposed to be awesome, but it will be hard to top this last night of lust with your mom…..


MoRina - Mom Son Last Night Lust

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