Sydney Harwin - Internet DownSon's Blue Balls

Sydney Harwin – Internet DownSon’s Blue Balls

I know, son! But it’s not mommy’s fault that the internet is down. I haven’t been able to reply to my work emails in three days. It’ll do you good to get a break from social media or whatever it is that you boys do online these days. Anyway, did you want to talk to mommy about something?… Yes… Right… okay well I don’t know what you expect mommy to do about it… You have what now?! Blue balls? What does that even mean? Oooooh I see… Well… don’t you have any physical pornography to masturbate to? Mommy doesn’t like talking about this, it’s something you should do in private. You shouldn’t have brought this issue to me, son, it’s embarrassing for me as well as you! No, no, no, no son, no, mommy doesn’t want to see, no. I don’t want to look… no… OKAY FINE, I’ll take a quick look, much against my better judgement… Oh son… You poor thing, let mommy just touch it and see… oh yes… your balls are so hard, hot and heavy. Mommy can’t see you in this much agony, I’ve got to do something to help. If it’s all the same to you son, I’ll close my eyes and just let you get on with it. Watching you masturbate isn’t something mommy wants to see… Huh? Why not? Why isn’t it working? Well… okay but this is so wrong son… Here, you can look at mommy’s bare breasts… Still not enough? Oh son, what kind of porn are you used to watching? Oh right, well mommy isn’t some kind of slut that will just bend over when you tell her to! But for you I’d do anything. ANYTHING to help my best boy. I absolutely draw the line at touching it though… But oh alright then if it’ll help… Still not working? I’ll just have to use my mouth, I just have to empty your big aching balls of all that cum. It’s been building up for three days after all… Mommy’s mouth still isn’t enough? Wow son… well… I guess as long as you don’t cum inside of me it doesn’t count as inces… you get me? Just pull out and we won’t have done anything wrong. I’ll pull my panties to one side, you pop the tip in and I’ll slide down you. What are mommy’s for if they can’t help their little soldiers out in their time of desperate need?


Sydney Harwin - Internet DownSon's Blue Balls

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