bbquinn2332 - Sex Education from Mom

bbquinn2332 – Sex Education from Mom

Oh, hey son! Long time no speak… and its about to get awkward. It’s time for the birds and bees talk but I am NERVOUS. At first, I try to describe everything you’ll need to know about sex, but I’m so nervous that I’m just rambling all over the place, so I decide to take a more hands on approach. I have you take your pants off and we talk about masturbation, ejaculation, lubrication, tittyfucking, blow jobs, hand jobs, the basic parts of the female reproduction organs, and penetration both anally and vaginally. Most of it I just talk through with you, giving short examples of how hand jobs should feel, how blow jobs work (and how misleading the name is), how to apply a condom, and so on, but when it comes time for the vaginal sex portion, you decide to try it for yourself and fuck me! Hopefully we have more of these birds and bees lessons, because man, it almost seems like you could teach me a thing or two!


bbquinn2332 - Sex Education from Mom

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