Spying on Mom Leads to First Cum! - Lovely Lillith

Spying on Mom Leads to First Cum! – Lovely Lillith

You slam the front door to your house, making sure it sounds like “you’re on your way to school”. Deftly, you sneak upstairs into your parents’ room. You hide in the closet and wait. You’ve been fantasizing about something like this for a long time now. Something that could finally give you release. All the other boys in school are talking about girls and jerking off. You’re still unsure of how to get off properly. You know that if you could just see a real woman naked, in person, you’d be able to get there.
Knowing your mom’s routine, she’ll be getting ready to take a shower first thing in the day. You wait, and watch– and eventually, you follow her to the shower. Surprisingly, once she catches you peeping on her, she’s sympathetic to your problem. She allows you one opportunity to take in her naked body while you work yourself to orgasm.

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Spying on Mom Leads to First Cum! - Lovely Lillith

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