Saradoesscience - Mommy Fucks Your Ass

Saradoesscience – Mommy Fucks Your Ass

It’s Mother’s Day! Are you ready to give your gift to me? All I want for mothers day is your asshole. Not your cock, and not your mouth. You are going to be gagged and locked up while I fuck your tight little hole. Are you ready to get pounded for your mommy? I make you kneel down and tell you to suck my fucking cock. Make it wet before I push it deep into your asshole. I shove some of my panties in your mouth so I don’t have to listen to you whine. Then, I have you bend over and get your asshole ready for me. I fuck you for a while, then remember to put your cage on your cock. The day isn’t about you, after all! I keep fucking your ass, teasing your pathetic cock in its cage, taunting you that you will have to cum through the bars with your swollen dick because you won’t be able to stroke it at all! I fuck you harder and faster, breathing heavy and talking dirty mommy dom talk to you. Finally, I command you to come for me, make a mess between the bars of your cock jail.

Saradoesscience - Mommy Fucks Your Ass

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