Sarah Rae - Mommy Says She's Too Flat

Sarah Rae – Mommy Says She’s Too Flat

Mommy thinks you’ve been falling behind on your studies and she blames it ALL on that new flat-chested girl you’ve been seeing. What? You think Mommy hasn’t noticed that girl with mosquito bites that you’ve been running around with? Mommy knows everything that’s going on in this house. This is why you’ve been having trouble finishing your homework assignments lately isn’t it? You’ve been too busy texting this little flat chested bitch instead of focusing on your school work. Mommy can’t have this honey. Not in HER house. My son needs to have a 4.0 grade average and date a REAL woman with a REAL pair of tits, just like Mommy has. This is unacceptable sweetie! We can’t be having these flat-chested losers at school distracting you from your school work! Mommy wants you to get your phone out right now and break up with this flat chested loser. What? You don’t want to? You say she is helping you study? That’s it sweetie! What does Mommy have to do? Does Mommy have to break up with her for you? Maybe Mommy needs to go over to her house and shove Mommy’s huge tits in that flat-chested bitch’s face until she finally gets the message…. that my son deserves someone much bigger and better than her! Maybe Mommy should beat her up with her huge tits? Maybe Mommy should slap her in the face with her gigantic tits and show her what a REAL pair of tits are. How she is NOTHING compared to your mother! Mommy takes out her massive tits, shoves them in her son’s face and tells him to jerk off to them so that he NEVER makes this mistake again. Then Mommy talks about going down to your school with her huge tits and dominating all your flat chested classmates, that way no one can distract you from your goals. You need to make Mommy proud. Man up, get good grades and find a REAL woman with a REAL pair of tits to date.

Sarah Rae - Mommy Says She's Too Flat

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