Painted Rose - Party Favor: Caught In The Panty Drawer

Painted Rose – Party Favor: Caught In The Panty Drawer

It’s your best friends birthday and you come to the party that his Mom is throwing. After a bit, you have to use the restroom and then you wander off and find his Mom’s panty drawer. She catches you with her panties and threatens to tell your parents! No, not that, you’re so sorry and tell her that you were just curious about a womans body and have questions about the birds and the bees and apologize. Ms. Flowers feels bad for yelling at you and offers to show you what a womans anatomy is about. She begins showing you and then ends up touching herself and licking her wet fingers. She knows she shouldn’t touch your pee pee but doesn’t want to send you back to the party with this stiff painful erection so she sucks it but then decides she is horny and gets on top. She orgasms and squirts on your little penis while riding you which only makes you wetter and more horny and you cum inside! She says you should not have came in her – ooops. As she is dressing, you are warned not to tell about the secret lesson or she will tell about the panty drawer.

Painted Rose - Party Favor: Caught In The Panty Drawer

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