Talia Tate - Stroke & Cum for (Step)Mommy- Bisexual Blackmail Fantasy

Talia Tate – Stroke & Cum for (Step)Mommy- Bisexual Blackmail Fantasy

Mommy’s caught off guard when you call her on FaceTime, wearing nothing but her silky purple robe, lavender bra and panties. She’s being nice but that all changes when you get to the point of your call, once again asking her for money. You can see the expression on her face completely change and she lectures you immediately. But, she doesn’t necessarily say no…..She lets you know it’s not going to be easy and “free” today. No, no, no you see Step-Mommy was just about to get herself off when you so selfishly interrupted her. So it’s time for you to do something for her. Oh and your buddy is there too huh? And he just thinks I’ll send you money whenever? Haha silly boys! If you want this money, you’re both going to work for it. Step-Mommy instructs you both on what to do next. You’re going to stroke and cum to Mommy’s body, and blow your load all over each others cocks for her! She knows you’ll never ever tell anyone about seeing her like this or she’ll let everyone know what you and your friend did to each other. That’s what makes it so fun for Mommy!

Talia Tate - Stroke & Cum for (Step)Mommy- Bisexual Blackmail Fantasy

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