Little Puck - Be a Good Boy For Mommy 1080p

Little Puck – Be a Good Boy For Mommy 1080p

You wake up to see your mother in bed next to you smiling..she didn’t want to wake you up but she couldn’t help herself she just had to ask you a question that kept her up all night. “Do you…find Mommy…attractive? You can be honest, baby, Daddy isn’t here…would u fuck me if I wasn’t your mother? Awww really? Oh, don’t be embarrassed sweetie! I love that u said that! It makes me feel soo good…” your mother starts eyefucking you as she fingers her pussy thru her skirt…she decides it’s time to educate you about a grown woman’s body…don’t be scared. “I saw you check me out when my nipple slipped out of my bikini yesterday…you stared at me…” your mother pulls out her breasts and reaches out for your cock, putting you at ease and reassuring you that everything’s gonna be okay. You mount Mommy and she guides you through every step, wetting her fingers and gripping your cock, stroking you inside of her until you’re on your own sliding in and out of Mommy’s warm, wet hole. She encourages you along as she tells you how fast or slow she wants it, making sure you don’t erupt inside of Mommy before she’s through with you. God you’re such a good boy! Mommy’s got you, okay?! When you’re close to bursting she gives you a countdown so you can both cum together! She moans so loud as you make Mommy cum!! she kisses you and shows you her wet pussy that you just filled with your young hot cum. “I’m so proud of you baby boy!!”


Little Puck - Be a Good Boy For Mommy 1080p

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