While searching the attic for Halloween decorations, you stumble upon a basket full of various objects and a beautiful old book. Far too curious to put it back, you bring the basket to your bedroom to examine later on… Well, you would have saved it for later, but the Friday the 13th party you were attending tonight gets called off. It’s odd, you begin to feel as though the book needs help, as if it’s desperately asking you to open it. Page after page, you examine, but there’s nothing there. Not a single word or sketch. Just a strange piece of paper that falls out. It appears to have instructions for some kind of ritual on it. Why not have some fun? Your spooky plans were canceled, after all.
You place everything down exactly as drawn. The room grows colder, the candles light themselves, and your vision blurs. Strange symbols fill the pages and words start to appear, asking you to choose someone. It feels like something terrible is about to happen when your mom suddenly walks in, immediately putting an end to your summoning spell. She scolds you, going on and on about the dangers of witchcraft, and why your family left it all behind many years ago.
As the weeks go on, you notice weird changes to your mother. Her demeanor and mannerisms are… off. Her typical sweaters and turtlenecks have been replaced with extremely revealing tops. She isn’t even wearing her glasses anymore. It’s strange, but you don’t suspect anything horrible at first.


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