Lina Blackly - Son Has Way W Mom Pt 2

Lina Blackly – Son Has Way W Mom Pt 2

Mom is talking to her friend about what happened, and now her son always has a hard-on when she is around. Mom is trying to make sure dad is unaware!! Mommy is desperate and convinces her friend to give her son a handjob 3x a week, but mom’s friend is unsuccessful as her son’s cock won’t get hard without mommy. Dad is in bed with mommy, and the son comes in just like he has been to ram his hard cock into mommy’s pussy, but dad is getting close to waking up! Mommy demands that the son leaves and goes into his room to rub his cock so he will cum. Mom doesn’t know what else to do and doesn’t want dad to find out, and both the friends and dad call while mom is giving him a handjob! Mom needs her son to finish quickly, so she swallows his cock, and he releases himself in her mouth. Now, mom knows for sure how to handle her son and starts to tell her friend about her plan!!

Lina Blackly - Son Has Way W Mom Pt 2

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