Lady Mesmeratrix - Stepmother SPANKING

Lady Mesmeratrix – Stepmother SPANKING

I’m your 30 years old stepmother married to your dad. You are 14 and deeply attracted by me. I don’t like this thing. I understand that I’m an attractive woman, but since I’m your father’s wife, I can’t tollerate it. So I decide to teach you how to resist me. This is the deal: I will tease you hard and you will learn how to control your impulses. If you can’t control yourself and get your cock hard, you will have a punishment: a good spanking! ….after my teasing, not only you get hard…you also CUM IN YOUR PANTS! so….punishment will be very bad…I take your pants off , put you on my knees and spank harder and harder………… ********** contains: spaking pov, taboo, mommy fantasy, tease &denial, big boobs.


Lady Mesmeratrix - Stepmother SPANKING

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