Diane Andrews - Step Mom's New Bra

Diane Andrews – Step Mom’s New Bra

“You can wear a robe and the New Bra I just sent you. Your still my Step Mother. You come into my room at night, and you ask me to sit up because you want to show me something. You can take your Rope off seductively and show me the bra. You can say “Do you like it? I know how much you love seeing your Step Moms titties in bras. I saw you looking at this bra online and saw your cock just growing so hard in your pants, I just figured, Hmm. Maybe I should get this bra and surprise him. Oh. I can tell you really like it.” “You know, Step Mommy can take care of that for you. You know Step Mommy loves her step son so much.” Dont worry, everyone is asleep so we cant be to loud.” You can make it your own if you like also. I love your ideas. 🙂
Then you can say: “I know my Bras excite you so much. Its ok, Step Mom is hear to milk you. Lay back down for me and I will handle the rest.” Then if you can angle the camera up just a little as if Im looking up to you laying down but I can see your Bra and just the tip of the squirting dildo head. if you can.
Then you can get the lube and start stroking me and playing with my nipples. You can ask me questions like, “I know it gets you really excited with me playing with your nipples while I milk you.” “Do you like Step Moms soft hand stroking your big cock?” “Do you like how my titties fill up this bra? My nipples are even poking through.” You can tug and pull on your nipples through the bra too. Then you can put your hands inside the bra, from outside and cup and feel your breast while the bra is still on.
Then you notice after about a minute of stroking, I ooze a little pre-cum.. You can make a little bit of the cum ooze out of the dildo. You can say “Oh you ooze a little pre-cum. Oh baby, my bras excite you so much dont they. . It gets me so excited just knowing my titties and bras do that to you.”. You notice Im about to cum and you use some of the pre-cum to stroke me faster so that I can cum. You can act like you are so turned on about you stroking me and that Im about to cum. You can say ” Hmmm. Oh baby. Im sorry, I cant help it. Im so turn on seeing you get excited about my bra while Im stroking you. Thats it baby, Let Step Mommy milk you. I want you to squirt your warm cum all over my bra. Oh, Oh, Your already cumming., oh oh hmm..” You can make it your own if you like also. If you want you can say something about taking me bra shopping the next time you go out.”
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Diane Andrews - Step Mom's New Bra

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