Kate Ross - Son, I Think Its Time We Had A Talk Abou

Kate Ross – Son, I Think Its Time We Had A Talk Abou

HONEY, We’re going to talk about it, and that’s final! I know it’s embarassing talking about it with your mother but…I need to be sure you know all about certain things.Good boy, now…sex is a beatiful, healthy thing son, but you should only do it with someone you love. Until then, you need to take care of those urges by yourself, you know what I mean? You need to do it by yourself so you don’t do anything silly with a girl you don’t love. Do you know what I mean? Mmmmmm…yes sweetie…yes you need to masturbate. Do you do it honey? Tell Mommy…don’t be shy sweetie, I won’t tell anyone….do you masturbate? Mmmmm…see that wasn’t so hard. Now, what do you masturbate to? Porn right?NO…no no…you do not NEED it. From now on, that’s the rule. I don’t want you watching porn anymore. Mommy will help you …


Kate Ross - Son, I Think Its Time We Had A Talk Abou

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