Molly Darling - Mommy Teaches you How to Fuck

Molly Darling – Mommy Teaches you How to Fuck

You walk into your Mom’s room, she’s reading her book on the bed. She notices right away that you look embarrassed. She invites you to lie down next to her and tell her what’s wrong. You’ve been made fun of by your friends today.. they laugh at you for being a virgin and inexperienced with women. Your Mom is very sympathetic of you and tries to make you feel better but you just feel useless. Then she comes up with an idea.. it’s not too late for Mommy to show you a thing or two.. don’t be shy! It’s not like she hasn’t seen it all before. It’s just to help you find your way with women in the future. She teaches you how she likes to be kissed, teased and worked up. Then she shows you how to make Mommy cum by licking her pussy. You make her cum really quickly and she rewards you by sucking your cock to get you ready for the main event. Are you ready to lose your virginity to Mommy? You slide in Mommy’s hole and fuck her until you cum all over her pussy.


Molly Darling - Mommy Teaches you How to Fuck

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