Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Drains You

Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Drains You

Mommy found out about your new girlfriend and she is NOT happy about it. Why on earth would you think you’d ever need anyone but Mommy? She expects that you are going to take care of her, and in return she’s more than happy to take care of her sweet boy too. Mommy is going to show you why you don’t need any other girl but her. She unzips your pants and pulls out your hard cock. See? You love when Mommy touches you. Mommy puts you in her mouth and sucks until you release a nice thick load of cum in her mouth. She’s not done yet, though. You need to be drained over and over to realize how good you have it. She keeps sucking until you cum again. Okay, you’re pretty sure you don’t have ANYTHING else to give her but Mommy is cock hungry. She pushes you down on the bed and mounts your cock, slipping your throbbing dick inside her and riding until she cums. You can’t believe you still have another load in you but Mommy makes you feel so good that you explode deep inside her. She lays back and lets you watch all the cum drip out. Now why would you ever need anything else?

Jocelyn Baker - Mommy Drains You

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