Jerking Off To Pics Of Your Mom *Custom* - Goddess Gwen

Jerking Off To Pics Of Your Mom *Custom* – Goddess Gwen

Girlfriend walks in dressed in lingerie surprising boyfriend. Calls him a naughty boy before revealing she has found the pictures of his mom he Jack’s off to and has them with her. She then talks dirty to him encouraging him to jack off in front of her and the pictures. talks non stop of his desire to fuck his mother, cum deep in her pussy, kiss her beautiful face, rub her feet, lick her toes all the way up to her pussy. I want to be a good boy but this just makes me a naughty boy. Sort of in the edge of playful teasing and being a strict domme. JOI while making me think of my mother in all those ways.

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Jerking Off To Pics Of Your Mom *Custom* - Goddess Gwen

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