Hugeboobswife - StepSon Gets Shrunk - Smell Dirty Panty

Hugeboobswife – StepSon Gets Shrunk – Smell Dirty Panty

The Story Hey there! Wondered if you would be up for a Giantess StepMom themed custom? Here is the idea.. The poor guy shrinks when he’s aroused and he finally gave in and sniffed his mom’s dirty panties while doing laundry. She comes home from work and finds her dirty panties on the floor assuming he just got lazy and didn’t finish the job she goes to pick them up and notices a tiny speck looking back up at her from inside her dirty panties! It’s her son! She is shocked, angry, and worried all at the same time and lectures him for being such a sicko sniffing his own mom’s dirty panties. What has gotten into him?!? She demands an answer as she picks him up and she begins to taunt him now that he is so tiny.. Maybe she should give him what he wants? She slowly begins to take off her shirt while asking him if he wants to see mommy’s big boobs, then teasing him while slowly taking off your bra, making the little speck beg to see mommy’s boobs. Then finally giving in, picking him up and rubbing him all over your tits (super close-ups shots), basically imagining a tiny speck in you hands you give him the “Nipple Treatment”. All while mocking him about how much he must have wanted to see her naked boobs his whole life, he must be so happy! Then towards the end of the video, you tell him how disappointed you are in him, what a loser, turning himself into a tiny nipple slave for his own mother of all people.. She says she has more important things to do now than sit around and let him live out his dark fantasies.. She needs to cook dinner for his father, a normal big strong man who knows how to treat a woman right. Not a little tiny boy who just wanted to crawl back into his mommies tits for the rest of his life. She puts her bra back on and drops him in after blowing him a kiss and telling him she still loves him.. even though he’s a tiny perverted loser now.. have fun in there. She drops him in and then puts a shirt on. Then leaves to continue her day. Hope you like the idea! let me know if you need anything else form me, Thanks!


Hugeboobswife - StepSon Gets Shrunk - Smell Dirty Panty

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