Harley Sin - Mom Is Your Valentine

Harley Sin – Mom Is Your Valentine

You come home from school upset. Your mother asks you what’s wrong. You tell her they teased you today because you told them your mom was your valentine. Your mom thinks that’s so sweet. You tell her you wish you had a valentine that was a girlfriend. Your mom understands how you feel, but thinks you and her could be like boyfriend and girlfriend. You seem confused, so she explains, in some placed, a mother and son are more than just family members. They are sexual together. You are intrigued. Your mother asks if maybe, you think you could be that way with each other. She stares into your eyes, and dives in for a kiss. You pulls back right away, asks if it’s ok. Your body language tells her yes, she kisses you again, but deeply and passionately. Your mother wants to show you how much she loves you. She sucks your cock. She confesses she’s wanted this for so long. She tells you how good it feels to have her own boys cock in her mouth. Your mommy needs to feel all of you. She takes off her panties, and slowly slides your cock inside her. She’s so wet. Can you feel your own mothers pussy, tightening around you? She wants you to get her pregnant, then no one will ever bother you again, because they’ll be jealous you knocked up your own mom. She wants you two to run away together, raise a family together, where mother and son’s are accepted as lovers. You leave a dripping creampie in her pussy, she kisses you again.


Harley Sin - Mom Is Your Valentine

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