Harley Lavey - Bonding With Step-Mommy

Harley Lavey – Bonding With Step-Mommy

You come home one day to find me sitting on your bed waiting for you. I tell you that your Step-Father and I had a discussion about how you and I haven’t really been bonding, and how there is always a hint of tension whenever you and I are in the same room. You get sweaty, reply with short answers and are always quick to vacate the room. I know it must be hard, knowing that someone so young and beautiful married your Pops, especially being that we are so close in age. And that I think I know what we can do to grow closer and develop a good relationship. While I let myself into your room earlier to wait for you, I noticed that you had some of my panties and other intimates stashed away in here. It’s apparent to me that the source of your tension is sexual, and it needs to be properly released in order for us to move forward and develop the bond that we should have. I convince you to take out your cock and start stroking to me, assuring you that I would do anything to grow closer with you.

Harley Lavey - Bonding With Step-Mommy

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