Gwen Adora - Suckle Mommy's Big Boobs Before Bed JOI

Gwen Adora – Suckle Mommy’s Big Boobs Before Bed JOI

You can’t get to bed so you come into Mommy’s room to wake me up. I invite you to come to cuddle in bed with me, but you still aren’t tired. What really helps you fall to bed is sucking on Mommy’s big tits, and although you’re a little too old for that now, I still let you (as long as you don’t tell your father). I want my baby boy to be well rested before school tomorrow, so you nuzzle up to my huge boobs, take my nipples in your mouth, and suck on them to relax. You’re such a good boy for Mommy. You start getting a little too relaxed, and I can see that your little cock has gotten hard for me. Mmmm it’s ok baby, it’s perfectly natural. You can touch yourself and make yourself feel good while you suckle on Mommy’s titties. Mommy might even touch herself too…


Gwen Adora - Suckle Mommy's Big Boobs Before Bed JOI

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