FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina and Whitney Morgan - Sex Education with Mom and Aunt POV

FifiFoxxFantasies – Carmen Valentina and Whitney Morgan – Sex Education with Mom and Aunt POV

Carmen Valentina, Whitney, POV, mom and aunt teach son about the birds and the bees, now is the perfect time to teach him about sex, they educate him on how to pleasure himself down there and how to pleasure a woman as well, masturbation encouragement, jerk off instruction, JOI, they teach him how to grope a woman’s tits and how to lick her nipples, virtual tit groping, virtual nipple licking, nipple sucking, they teach him how to touch a woman “down there,” sex education – parts on a woman’s body, virtual fingering and pussy eating, virtual sex with mom and aunt, son fucks mom, nephew fucks aunt, missionary, he accidentally cums inside of his aunt, virtual creampie, they explain what birth control is, the next lesson will be how to pull out and how to use a condom, older woman, MILF, blondes, boy girl girl, family threesome, BGG, family sex, fauxcest** It was time to discuss the “birds and the bees.” Mom was embarrassed to have the whole sex talk with you by herself, which is why she sought out your Aunt Whitney for help. The two thought it’d be best to explain sex from a woman’s point of view, and who better than to teach you than the two women who loved you the most. “We want to make sure we show you everything and how to do it right before you do it with a girl,” Mom explained. They started off with something simple – grabbing a woman’s breasts. They groped one another’s tits to show you how to caress and massage them. Tits were sensitive and you needed to be gentle when sucking on the nipples. Aunt Whitney let you touch and bury your face into hers. It started to make your cock twitch. Next, they’d wrap their hands around your cock to stroke it and then on your balls to massage them. They gave you different tips on how to pleasure yourself – every man had a preference when it came to jerking off. Some liked the head, some liked the shaft, others liked to touch the balls, etc. If you didn’t have any lube or lotion, spit would work just as well. Their touch made your cock ooze with pre-cum. Now that you knew how to touch yourself, it was time to learn how to pleasure a woman “down there.” Mom spread her legs and showed you the different parts of the vagina, then had you stick your finger inside to explore it. Her creamy pussy squeezed against your fingers, and the two proceeded to give you various tips on how to finger a woman. You could use one finger or two, you could curve them to hit the g-spot, and use your thumb to circle the clit. You’d go back and forth experimenting on Mom and Aunt Whitney, and they’d teach you about going down on a girl – something they said felt the best for them. Now that they were “warmed up,” it was time to move onto sex. Mom wanted you to start off with her, then you’d move over to Auntie. The two would guide and encourage you during your first time, explaining all the things you could do, like grabbing their tits and pulling their hair. You didn’t mean it, but you accidentally came inside of Aunt Whitney. Mom said it was okay, though, since she was on birth control, but you wouldn’t be able to do that with every girl you had intercourse with. So, the next lesson would be how to use a condom and how to pull out. You can’t get any girls pregnant!


FifiFoxxFantasies - Carmen Valentina and Whitney Morgan - Sex Education with Mom and Aunt POV

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