Anabelle Pync - Playing With Mommy

Anabelle Pync – Playing With Mommy

Anabelle Pync is sleeping on the sofa with her delectable pussy peeking out from underneath her shirt. She does not have on any panties and has no idea that you are approaching because you are supposed to be at Grandma’s house. Your fingers gently touch her tits and when she does not awaken, you rub her clit and finger fuck her. Occasionally she moves in her sleep, but she thinks she is having a dirty dream. Little does she know that her own son is bringing her to orgasm!
Later on, she awakens and realizes what is going on. Despite her protests to stop, your mother loves the way it feels and tries to convince herself as well as you that it is a bad idea. She tries standing up, yet you continue to finger her and she talks dirty while trying not to enjoy it as much as she does.
After realizing that her sweet son is not going to be happy unless her pussy is filled with your finger, she acquiesces but cannot believe that this is happening.


Anabelle Pync - Playing With Mommy

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