Fetish Dina Sky - Your Mother Is Fertile Son

Fetish Dina Sky – Your Mother Is Fertile Son

This was an unreleased custom video I made. The backstory behind it is, I am a sex therapist that does things unorthodox — I just got home from completely a session with two moms and their sons in which I directed to have incestous sex with each other. The session has gotten me all wired up thinking about it, and I am home in the kitchen, with merely just a thin open robe when my son walks in. I begin telling him about my exciting and taboo therapy session I had and how taboo and forbidden it is, my therapy sessions are booming, and it got me thinking about what it would be like to have the same relationship with you my son. Your nervous and not sure how to speak your thoughts, you’ve always found me attractive but never given it further thought, or have you? As my big breasts come exposed from my robe, I tell you and sorta seduce you into the idea, even telling you how I am ovulating right now, the most fertile time to plant your seed in me, I am more horny than I have been, and this would be the perfect time. I bring you into my bedroom, and tell you to expose your cock to me my son, mom wants to see it. As I rub my succulent pussy and caress my big breasts, I am even more turned on when I have had a look at you, this is perfect, let mom wrap her lips around your cock, and warm you up for my sweet fertile pussy. After brief sensual moments, eye contact, and few long strokes with my tongue and mouth, I can’t hold off anymore, I want you inside of me son. I lay back take off my panties and guide you into the very hole you came out of. I let you feel the warmth of my pussy wrapping around your hard throbbing cock, could this be, you are really having incestous sex with your own mother? The urge to want to cum so quick settles in, and you hold back, I (virtual pov) moan in full pleasure, my tits swaying, and I continue to tell you to fuck your mom, I want your seed, I want your cum inside of me, let’s take the risk, its just too hot to hold back. I then have you switch positions and I climb on top, I want to be in full control as I ride your until you explode and coat my walls with the cum. I bounce my big beautiful breasts in your face, letting you feast your eyes on every part of them, as I ride you to the point of orgasm, still talking sweet talk about the taboo of this all, and how much I love it all, I then beg for you to cum, plant your seed inside of me, give me that cum son. After I have felt you pulse inside of me I get off your cock and lay back with full pleasure that I have gotten exactly what I wanted, exactly what got me so worked up at therapy earlier….spreading my pussy for a moment or two to recollect my thoughts. It then picks up a few weeks later, briefly, I come In and can’t wait to share the amazing news with you, a cute little blue dress, I hug my little belly bump, and tell you I am pregnant! Yes, you and I are going to parents, my son is the father of my baby, it worked! And oh my two couples that had taboo sex are also pregnant too ! This is going to be so amazing son…. This video includes role-play, taboo, incestous relationship, mommy roleplay, pov, big tits, bouncing boobs, virtual sex, blowjob, sensual, impregnation fantasy, bbw, curvy, thick thighs, belly, eye contact, dirty talk, implied creampie, its mainly all focused on roleplay, taboo, my tits, and pussy (sorry no booty). Do note: there are a few kicks too tripod but nothing significant to take away from the video itself.


Fetish Dina Sky - Your Mother Is Fertile Son

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